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Mark Wilson: A Filmic Art Experience

Mark Wilson

Published: 1st December 2018

I studied Art at A level but was told that my work wasn't good enough, so I had to study History of Art at university. For many years, I put art to the back of my mind. But seven years ago, I visited a gallery and this solitary piece in an otherwise empty room inspired me to paint again. Regrettably, I can’t even remember the name of the artist!

Once a week, I went to the Art Academy in Horsham. I also developed by talking to other artists, looking at a wide selection of work, trying different techniques and learning from mistakes. Initially, I created small pieces using acrylics and oils. People started complimenting my work and then one day somebody said: ‘How much for that painting?” I had no idea, so I asked for £50! 

Gradually, I developed a style of my own, with strong contrasts between light and dark. I love the effect that is created by blending reds and oranges with black. The effect just draws people in. 

Caravaggio is an artist I’m particularly inspired by. I’ve read that he would paint in the cellar and make holes in the ceiling to allow in beams of light. That is reflected in his output and whilst mine isn’t comparable, I do try to create fiery blends in my paintings!

I bought an art set with about 45 tubes of paint, but I’ve come to appreciate a limited palette. I work with only four or five colours.I'm not a fan of representational art. I wouldn’t set up an easel in a field and paint what I see. Instead, I enjoy the countryside around me, soak everything up and through painting try to communicate what I'm feeling. That could be movement, sounds, colours or the feeling of the wind in my face. Art should be powerful and filmic, as even when there is quietness, nothing is ever still. 

My process is quite physical as I use a palette knife, rags and even my fingers, rather than a paintbrush. It gives me better control over layers and textures. I incorporate other materials including grit, rope fibre and crushed wood to give pictures a three-dimensional element.

I joined Horsham Artist Open Studios (HAOS) as I know it’s important to meet other artists. There's a diverse range of work amongst the membership. I’ve taken part in several HAOS art fairs and have been fortunate to sell at them all. 

It's important to keep art affordable and accessible. Every piece means a great deal to me and I don't just rush them off a production line. But if I'm selling a big canvas for £300, I can afford to spend some time on smaller pieces and charge only £20. Recently, a student bought a small painting from me and was thrilled, as it was her first piece of original art. 

My work is constantly evolving. It goes in slopes and plateaus. At the moment I'm on a plateau, tending to create the same sort of art. I feel like I’m preparing for something different. I may alter my colour palette next, as I’m fascinated by the contrast between white and black. 

Email: info@markwilsonart.com Call: 07776 238673.

Web: www.markwilsonart.com