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Ben Morris


Read the first chapter of The Last Farrington, the debut book by AAH Editor Ben Morris.

Warren Farrington is beginning to ask questions about his reclusive existence. He lives in a padded cell, consumes food through a straw and has never ventured beyond the perimeter wall of Farrington Towers. An enigmatic man known as the Director ensures that every conceivable measure is implemented to safeguard the future of The Last Farrington. 

Warren’s life changes forever when his only friend, an 80-year-old bow-tie collector, presents him with a mysterious book on his 15th birthday.

With the help of compulsive liar Gary Morton, Warren faces an epic battle for survival 200 years in the making involving cow-tipping, poisonous frogs, lawnmowers and 80s pop starlet, Nena.

If you enjoy the opening chapter and would like to read the full updated Kindle version with illustrations, it is now available for a limited time for only 99p!

To buy the Kindle version click here

Youcan also follow Ben on Twitter on his new page @BenMorrisAAH